Friday, June 13, 2014

The Africa 2014 Itinerary

Outdoor Photo Safaris had tours going all the time. Here's their current listing:
ODP Tour Calendar

The tours I choose were
Okavango Machaba Camp (June 16-20) [Botswana's Okavango Delta - Khwai River/Moremi Game Reserve]
Pangolin Ultimate Chobe (June 28-July 2) [Botswana's Chobe River/Chobe National Park]
Elephant Plains (EP) in Greater Kruger (July 5-9) [adjacent to South Africa's Kruger National Park]

ODP had suggestions for the open week (June 21-27). I took them up on one:
Wilderness Kalahari Plains Camp (June 20-23) [Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve]

And decided to cool my heels in Johannesburg June 23-28 in hopes of making a preliminary run through the photographs snapped up to that point.

The time between Chobe and EP allowed me to make a side trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. (Natural Wonder of the World, World Heritage Site, etc.)

Cobbling the whole thing together required the organizational capabilities of a spreadsheet. I employed Google's online apps to this end. Here's the sharable version. The tabs along the bottom allow access to its many pages. Yes, this is how I roll.
Africa 2014

In all, I would be spending a month on the continent for about the same amount of money required to fund two weeks through Thomson or Eyes on Africa. Which is not to say those options aren't worth the price, and this path required significant planning and "legwork" on my part. But I was very happy with the prospects afforded by this robust itinerary, while also realizing that I was only dipping a toe into the waters that are Africa.

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