Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Wildest Dreams

The link below will convey your browser to the YouTube video that is a QuickTime export of the multimedia Keynote slideshow I unleashed on my relatives during the holidays. Sight, sound, and motion, but without a soundtrack, so it's not a proper "entertainment" video. When I show it, I provide bits of narration where helpful.

Titling the preso, "My Wildest Dreams" plays on the fact that this may well be the most complex and robustly adventurous trip I ever embark on, and the fact that the malaria prophylaxis, Malarone, induces "vivid dreams" in some users. It certainly did for me. Never "vividly good", of course.

My Wildest Dreams: Dean’s African Adventure 2014
June 13 - July 11

1. Machaba Camp, Botswana ·  June 16-20
Outdoor Photography Safaris

2. Kalahari Plains Camp, Botswana ·  June 20-23
Wilderness Safaris

3. Chobe Pangolin Photo Safari, Botswana ·  June 28-July 2
Outdoor Photography Safaris

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe ·  July 2-4

5. Elephant Plains, South Africa ·  July 5-9
Outdoor Photography Safaris