Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alaska Ultimate Wildlife Photo Safari Coda

At year's end, the family is wont to gather. And I find a need to spend a bit of time sharing a curated collection of media from the year's big travel.

The video below is an exported Apple Keynote presentation, with the shortcomings of an "autoplay" video export of a preso baked in. It was produced as a multimedia slideshow that I would annotate with snippets of narration. In practice, I would be clicking to advance when appropriate.

It also suffers a bit from loss of audio/video sync, which is an artifact of Keynote 6's QuickTime export process (as far as I know) I haven't overcome yet. (Keynote 6 has many shortcomings.) It doesn't have a soundtrack, either; so it's not a polished bit of standalone entertainment. Sorry! In truth, a soundtrack would become unwieldy when a videoclip was playing, so the omission isn't entirely a bad thing.

Caveats aside, it's a fun recollection of the summer's sojourns. It weighs in at 36min. and is best viewed at highest resolution (1080p). I may (or may not) modify it further in the future. If I do, I will link to the most up to date version here. The YouTube video is "unlisted", so it cannot be searched for or stumbled upon at random.

UPDATE: I cleaned a few things up and changed the autoplay timings a bit. But don't worry: Han still shoots first.