Monday, February 26, 2007

Yosemite Dressed in Snow 2007

Like it or not, we get a week off in February. Yosemite had been mostly dry and warm all winter. When the forecast called for snow, I booked a room at the lodge, loaded up the camera gear and hit the road.

As I drove in, it was still sunny and warm. But the temps dropped overnight and I woke up to wet, sticky snow. I spent a frantic day of trying to drive/hike to as many photo spots as I could get to amidst road closures and heavy snowfall conditions.

I caught a few keepers. And by the time I headed out the next day, Yosemite’s two-day Winter of ’07 was pretty much over. I lucked out on this one.

2007 02 Yosemite Dressed in Snow