Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kalahari Plains Day 3: A guide of my own


I guess it was Sunday, and the couple I'd been game driving with had to head back to civilization/work. So I had the guide to myself.

Here's what it looked at morning coffee break.

Kalahari Plains  24

Kalahari Plains  26Did I mention it gets cold in the desert overnight in the winter? Here's the only iPhone selfie I took in the Kalahari. The hooded rain jacket / wind breaker it on top of the fleece. In the truck, I had a poncho on top of that, and a blanket over my legs with a bush baby (hot water bottle) on my lap. Fingerless gloves would have been, well, handy. But I did not have such things.

The wildlife was somewhat quite this day, but we did see some nice giraffe activity, a lilac-breasted roller that I couldn't properly capture in flight (despite having my chances). Kudu, jackal, and a young impala.

My keepers from
Kalahari Day 3.

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