Friday, July 3, 2015

AUWPS 8 - Fox Island to Seward


Natural Habitat [edited]:
After a final morning of photographing the wild environs of Fox Island, we transfer back to Seward.  
We spend the night in Seward, surrounded by some of Alaska's most majestic peaks.
After another delicious breakfast, we vacated our rooms and awaited our circuitous transport back to Seward. I distracted myself with attempts to capture hummingbirds at the Fox Island activity center in slow motion on my iPhone. They wriggle their little bodies so fluidly as they churn those propeller wings so as to maintain omnidirectional mobility. And I'm easily entertained.

Hummingbirds at High Speed

After an informative slideshow from our guide, Eric, we enjoyed a tasty Fox Island "day-tripper" lunch before boarding our vessel for the non-direct ride back to Seward.

Along the way, we spotted more whales, porpoises, and sea birds. Many of these creatures are fun to spot, but don't translate well to nice keepers in terms of photography. (I'm reminded of the old line about how a nice way to spend an evening with a special someone is to watch the submarine races.) Landscape images rolled by, and warm chocolate chip cookies were served.

We settled in at the Breeze Inn (directly across the street from the harbor) and reunited with our "left behind" luggage, plugged in our depleted devices, and checked our emails. Later we indulged in a dinner feast at Ray's Waterfront. Once again, I ordered fish: this time, it was Halibut Andaman, which seems to be a dish that is Google-owned by Ray's.

The town was at a summer peak, with Mount Marathon runners poised for the next day's insane race. This race isn't just a little bit crazy, it's stark raving mad.

At the stroke of midnight, it was The Fourth of July, and fireworks ensued.

Seward Independence Day Fireworks in Slow Motion

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