Tuesday, June 30, 2015

AUWPS 5 - Spencer Glacier · Placer River · Winner Creek


Natural Habitat:
[W]e'll explore the area's scenic splendor on a gentle float trip down the Placer River into Spencer Lake, choked with icebergs, before returning to Girdwood for the evening.
We took a rainy morning hike into the temperate rainforest on the bottom end of the Winner Creek Trail before traveling to Spencer Lake for our float trip through the glacial lake of the Spencer Glacier, a piedmont glacier near Girdwood.

After being rowed through the icebergs on the lake, we rafted down the Placer River to our rendezvous with the Alaska Railroad train that brought us back to our Magic Bus.

Back at the Alyeska Resort, a few of us intrepid souls did a downhill shuttle hike of the entire Winner Creek Trail, which included a white-knuckle canyon crossing involving the use of a hand tram. We scrambled around on some slippery rocks in hopes of catching a water-flow long exposure. And a ground squirrel wanted to show us his ability to nom.

Alyeska - Winner Creek - Spencer Glacier

Placer River Rafting Videoclip Montage

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