Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chobe River Day 4: Wildlife and Kasane's Old House


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We were unable to get the star trails/baobab shots we hoped for the previous night due to rare dry season (winter) cloud cover. We never did get that shot, as the clouds persisted.

When you're shooting from the Pangolin custom photog boat, it's not uncommon for the guide to tell the driver that "we need the hippo to be in the orange light." The hippo is, in fact in the river. And the orange light is in the sky. The rest is reflection and geometry; getting the hippo into the orange light requires some maneuvering of the boat.


The morning's main exercise was tracking shots of birds in flight. Arrange for a slow shutter and try to pan the cam with the motion of the bird. You'll miss more than you get, but they're only pixels.


We stayed on the river past our appointed time to be back for the breakfast buffet. Instead, we went out to Kasane's Old House. If you're not in a terrible hurry, you'll be rewarded with some delicious food.

The clouds and sun produced some interesting light near sundown, and we did our best to put a group of elephants in or around the crepuscular rays.


My keepers from
Chobe River Day 4.

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